How to buy bitcoin

How to buy bitcoin (All countries) Getting bitcoins online has been made easy with much thanks to the various options available but nevertheless we focus on medium which you could easily make use in getting your bitcoin for deposits. 1. Bitcoin Exchange 2. Crypto ATM 3. P2P Exchanges Bitcoin Exchange: There are various bitcoin exchanges which supports buy and sell of bitcoin. Down below are list of bitcoin exchanges and their supported localizations. Coinbase (Europe, North America, South America, Africa) Coinmama (Europe, North America, South America, Africa, Asia) Paybis (Europe, North America, South America, Africa, Asia) Luno (Europe, Africa) Bitpanda (Europe) (Europe, few countries in South America, U.S.) (Accepts various countries worldwide). ** only few countries under these continents are not supported. ** payment method ranges from debit/credit card and bank. Crypto ATM: Crypto ATM is similar to the modern day ATM but this coin functionalities is mainly for bitcoins purchases only. This is another secured, fast and easy way to buy/sell crypto in your neighbourhood. Down below are countries with Crypto ATM’s functionalities. Just search for the nearest Crypto ATM close to you, take your cash along and walk through. United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Austria, Spain, Switzerland, Finland, Czech Republic, Australia, Japan, Netherlands, Italy, Mexico, Slovakia, Hong Kong, Slovenia, Dominican Republic, Greece, Romania, Taiwan, ** List was put up in the order of country which has higher percentage of Crypto ATM’s. If you didn’t see your country listed, try other alternatives. Alternatives Exchanges: This are various exchanges which is an alternative for users who don’t find it favorable using the above exchanges which may be because of localization or banking transaction non acceptance. This exchanges are like public marketplaces where you could easily get bitcoins at your comfort zone. Localbitcoins – It supports almost all countries based on offers which lie on your localization also. ID might and might not be required depending on the trade offers and trade volumes and also to combat fraud. LBC also has trade offers with high volumes for users who want to purchase bigger amounts of bitcoin. There are various payment methods. Example; Paypal,Bank transfer, Online remittance such as Moneygram, Western Union and also Cash transaction which is understood as physical meetup transactions. Paxful - With similarities, Paxful is also open worldwide. Make your purchases easily without any restrictions. It has much more payment methods than LBC which gives you the advantage to choose from various payment method. Getting bitcoin has never been easy as sitting at your comfort zone and getting crypto safe and secured without any form of rip-off or delay. All trades offer have a timings also